The Simple Science Behind Working Out

What is Exercise?

We all exercise to be healthy and to get that dream body of ours, but what happens when we exercise? How are we building muscle? Why do we plateau sometimes? What is making this possible?

We are all humans, and like other animals in nature we do whatever it takes to survive. Think of exercise as a survival mechanism. For example,  a rock is trapped on your leg, you need to lift it to get free and survive. So you lift the rock off your leg, this stresses the muscles in your body causing the fibers to be damaged. The body thinks to itself “man I have to get stronger or I won't be able to survive that scenario again”. So the body repairs the damaged fibers by fusing them, making them bigger and stronger than before. This same mechanism applies to your diaphragm, which will allow you to take in more oxygen improving your endurance. As we continue to progress and get stronger the body may sometimes hit a wall or plateau. This is due oftentimes to people doing the same exercises over and over. Think of the rock example above, if we lift the rock the same way or only lift it one time, the body has already prepared for that stress, why would it grow further? That's why I feel it is important to change exercises or increase weight, this will ensure you continue to shock your body with new stimulus so it adapts and continues to grow, allowing you to achieve your goals faster, whether it be a marathon, a certain body image goal, or just overall health.

So why is this important?

Well, exercising and getting stronger has an innumerable amount of benefits to your health. Ill list a few of the key ones below

  1. Exercise controls weight
  2. Combats sickness and disease
  3. It improves stress and mood
  4. It boosts energy 
  5. It improves metabolism
  6. It can even help add a fire to that bedroom life ;)

If this time of quarantine has taught us anything, it has shown a lot of us that we need to begin to pay more attention to our health, with this brand we want to teach you how to be the best version of you. We want to teach you the science behind the exercise and nutrition so you can better understand and learn your body. We hope to help in every way possible for you to reach your goals no matter what they may be or how far they range!

Michael Ofsanko, AAAI Certified Personal Trainer

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